Queen's Pageant

For Immediate Release June 11, 2020: After much deliberation and conversations with the Barnesville Pumpkin Festival Committee, fellow royalty coordinators and the 2019 Royalty and their families, the decision has been made to cancel the 2020 Pumpkin Pageant. Unanimously among the committee we felt it was in the best interest with the pageant, to cancel the 2020 competition. This will give our current royalty the opportunity to fulfill their contracts, obtain the experience of traveling across the state next summer and will allow those who have been physically and financially impacted by COVID-19 the ability to recover and prepare adequately for the 2021 pageant. Our 2019 Queen Lillian, Princess Aubrey and Mini Miss Cinzly will reign over the 2020 festival and have the 2020-2021 festival season to fulfill their responsibilities and obtain the experiences they have missed this year. We are hopeful for a bigger and better 2021 Pageant and we thank everyone who has supported our pageant and the festival throughout the years. If anyone has any questions please feel free to contact Autumn Kessler through email or text/call (740) 827-4664 or Lisa at (740) 761-0162.


Little Miss and Mr. Pumpkin

The Barnesville Mother's Club sponsors the Little Miss and Mr. Pumpkin contest each year. Youngsters between the ages of three to five compete for the titles and first and second runners-up are named in both categories. The contest is held on Thursday, September 23, 2021 at the First Christian Church New Life Center. All determinations are made by the luck of the draw and contestants must be present to win. For information, contact chairpersons Nicole Martin 740-828-2016 or Bridget Allar 740-338-9858.

Little Miss and Mr. Pumpkin Information

Pumpkin Baby

The Barnesville Mother's Club sponsors the Pumpkin Baby Contest. Babies from birth to age two are eligible. Contestant's parents will be given raffle tickets to sell in their quest to have their baby named the next Pumpkin Baby. Contestants selling the most tickets will be named the winner. Winners are announced on Thurs., Sept. 23, 20201 at the First Christian Church New Life Center. For more information, contact Sherrie Temple 740-758-5324 or Lora Wildes 740-425-2908

Pumpkin Baby Information